"Ring to Open" cannot be started


I get sometimes the message on my phone “Ring to Open cannot be started” (original: “Ring to Open konnte nicht gestartet werden”) if I’m in my geofence and then the Ring to Open doesn’t work. If I start the Opener function manually, then it works. I have a phone with android 12, a smartwatch with wearOS 3.2 and all updates are installed. Additionally, I didn’t use the expert functions of smart unlock. Could you help me, please?

This message appears when the App can not reach the Opener via the bridge after the geofence enter occured. If it works in the foreground it looks like the Nuki App does not have internet access in the background or your phone does not have internet access at all at the time when the geofence enter happens. Changing the geofence radius could change the timing when the enter happens.