Ring Integration

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 sends a push notification as soon as it detects movement outside your door or if someone rings your doorbell. Equipped with a 1080p HD camera and two-way voice transmission, you can easily communicate with your guest via the ring app. This allows you to, for example, tell the postman where to place your package or let your friends know that your ride home will take a bit longer and that they can make themselves at home.

Smart Lock Integration

To integrate your Smart Lock into your ring app, you’ll need to activate Nuki as a ring+ partner. Open the ring app, select the respective doorbell and press ring+ partner. Here you can select Nuki and complete the setup.

Would be better if there would be a open door button in the Ring app in the incom interface. This way you don’t need to change apps and be able to see what’s happening in front of your door while you open the door remote.

This would be possible with our APIs, but it is up to Ring how they integrate Nuki into their App.

I don’t get it. I activated nuki as ring+ partner in the ring app. But what does it do? I see nothing happening, and I do not see any new options or controls in the nuki app or in the ring app…

After setting up the integration you should see a Nuki button/link in the ring App on usage, which more or less just opens up the Nuki App for faster access to open the door.
Any more details for, problems with and feature requests on that integration would have to go directly to ring though, as they did the integration on their side.

Hello! I have a opener connected to my doorbell, and the ring door cams have a own ring button, but this ring button is not connected to my doorbell, so when someone rings on the normal doorbell and not on the ring-cam-bell, would nuki activate the ring door cam then!? Thanks!

Hi @Rose_Languste

Nuki can currently not directly send commands to ring devices, so no, the integration does not cover this scenario.

Ah ok, thanks! Is this in consideration for future? Thanks!

Sorry, but we can’t give any details on planned or unplanned features from our roadmap.

But feel free to add a feature request and start collecting votes for it, to help us too estimate the demand.

Ok, will do, thanks!