RFID to open nuki

Can a RFID card/fob be used to open nuki?

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I’m sure this needs some hardware in any way since the technology for this differs from the implemented ones. But I also think this would by a nice extension! But since it could make the current nuki fobs obsolete, I think the is no interest by nuki themselves to target on this. :wink:
Perhaps someone will work on a (maybe arduino-hosted) solution on this?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Please, is there some posibility to open Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 with RFID? Many of flats houses uses RFID door systems and I am use RFID ring to open the main door to the building. It would by great to use the same RFID ring for opening my flat door with Nuki Smart Lock.

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I think there is no interest from NUKI to use RFID to open NUKI… :sweat:

Pls have anybody an idea about this? :thinking:

I need a solution about NUKI & RFID…

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I know that I am late to this party, but I wondered about the same thing. I came up with a solution: I will buy a Nuki remote and with some DIY, connect it to separate RFID door opener electronics with a relay. When the RFID tag triggers the relay, it will short (i.e. push) the button in the Nuki opener and open the lock via bluetooth.

Of course this it a DIY solution that will definitely void your warranty on the Nuki remote, but this is the best way I could find.

The other solution I considered but decided against was through home kit: using a button (like an Aqara mini switch) to open the door, wired the same way (the RFID door opener relay activates the button, which opens the lock via HomeKit). The disadvantage of this is that it it takes a lot of steps (RFID electronics → relay → switch → Aqara hub → HomePod Mini → Nuki smartlock) and there is a few seconds of delay, not to mention that there are multiple points of failure. If your WiFi doesn’t work, or any of the devices on the chain are offline, the door won’t open. Going through bluetooth directly from the Nuki remote should be faster and more reliable.

I just ordered the parts for this, once they arrive I will see how well it works.


A bit late perhaps but you could consider using home assistant as an intermediary. My setup uses an ha server where I can open my nuki (local API) by either scanning an RFID tag (sticker) with my phone or pressing a finger print scanner (grow module linked to a WeMos D1 mini). HA interprets the tag scan or fingerprint feedback / data (match, confidence etc) and subsequently (subject to other conditions being met) instructs nuki to open the door.

For inspiration check the home assistant community forum.

Hello Robert,
have you been able to implement your RFID solution with the remote control? I would also like to implement this in my installation.

I have been able to do this with an HTTP request.I have a Doorbird doorbell system at our courtyard gate and the HTTP request works via its RFID reader and opens the smartlock.

A second RFID reader is at the front door and switches the alarm system on and off.
In the alarm system I use a relay output for the electric door opener. If I switch off the alarm system with the RFID transponder, the electric door opener is also activated. If I could also open the Smartlock with it, that would be ideal.