Response after creating a Keypad PIN needed

Hi together,

In the web api examples at Web API Example: Manage PIN-Codes for your Nuki Keypad it is written, that “if the PIN is created correctly you get an empty reply.” However, I do also get an empty reply with HTTP status code 204 if the Nuki bridge has no internet access, for example because of daily reconnections, and therefore the PIN has not been created.

My question is now, how I do know if the PIN has been created correctly? Is there a more convenient way then getting a list of all authorizations afterwards, run in a loop and check if its name appears?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Next to the way you suggested (checking the list), the recommended way is to go for Advanced API where you can use

PUT /smartlock/auth/advanced

to get a response with the result from the device(s) on a set webhook URL.

(see also Nuki Developers)