Require unlocked Apple Watch as extra security measure for Auto- Unlock

Product name

Lock - all versions


Add an option to Auto-Unlock, so that -if enabled- Auto-Unlock only works if a linked Apple Watch is unlocked.


As of today, a connected phone works like a traditional key when Auto-Unlock is enabled. If one steals the phone, this person can unlock the door just by walking up to it. The feature I’m proposing would add an additional security layer by utilizing a paired smart watch in the same way Apple Car Key works with supported vehicles like BMWs. When the proposed option is enabled, Auto-Unlock would only work if either the phone or the smartwatch is unlocked. (Focus here is obviously on the smartwatch)


Why is this feature needed?
This feature would vastly improve security while preserving convenience


How would you like to use this feature?
List all usecases you can think of!

All I’m going to say is…

This feature will not work on the current models of Nuki and would probably need the UWB Homekey feature Apple just announced for iOS 18.

Also a scenario of someone stealing your phone and then using it to unlock your door without you knowing is very very rare.

The thief must know you and your routines to do that.