Request for Client Secret for API integration

I had apply more or less a month ago to receive a client secret for the integration with my application. I was wondering if the delay or the missed answer is about the lack of information provided by me. I ask to nuki support in the main website, but they redirect me here.


Hi Nicola!

I apologize for the late response. Your request have now been just reviewed and approved, I sent you an email for your submitted email address considering the details.

Best regards,

Hi, thanks for accepting my request, but I’m facing another problem.
I’m testing the API authentication through the OAuth flow depicted in the Nuki Web API guide. I tried multiple approach, but none of them returns me a success response. The http request I’m sending is:
curl -X POST -d 'client_id=MY_CLIENT_ID client_secret=CLIENT_SECRET_PROVIDED grant_type=authorization_code code=CODE_RETURN_TO_THE_CALLBACK'
And the response received is:
{"error_description":"Invalid client credentials.","error":"invalid_client"}
I’ve tried both with my application client and curl, like in the guide, but the response is always the same (Unauthorized).
I did something wrong or the secret or client_id are not allowed to receive the api tokens?

Thanks for the help,


Could you send me via email the exact request that you’re sending to the endpoint, so we can check it.


Of course,
can you give me the email?

Pls, can you give me an email to which send the data?

Hi Nicola,

your email reached me in the meantime, I forwarded to the dev colleagues to check out the issue. I will get back to you, as soon as I get a feedback from them.

Ok, thanks!