Repeater between Nuki Keypad 1.0 and Nuki Door Opener

Hello Nuki Development Team,

I enthusiastically use the Nuki Keypad 1.0 and the Nuki Door Opener. Due to the considerable distance between these devices, I need a repeater to enhance communication.

Could you provide information on the communication between Nuki Keypad 1.0 and Nuki Door Opener? This would be helpful for developing a customized repeater.

I am ready to actively participate and look forward to your assistance.

Thank you in advance.

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bump to Devs. Please try to answering my question if there is some solution for my repeater problem. Thank you verry much. Greetings

Interested in this as well.

Does the keypad need direct connection with the Opener itself, or with the Nuki bridge?

Yes. KeyPad 1 and 2 connect via Bluetooth to the Smart Lock / Opener.

Thanks Jürgen!

Is it also possible to connect the Keypad 1 or 2 to a Nuki Bridge instead? And have the Nuki Bridge be connected to the Opener?


If you want remote access to your Opener through the Nuki App, you need a Bridge. Just to operate the Opener with a Keypad not, because the Keypad talks locally to the Opener via Bluetooth and the Opener also works without Internet connection.

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Thank you for explaining in such detail!