Remotly opening door only after confirming action by providing Pin

Product name

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Smart Lock


Quick summary what this request is about.

Preventing accidentally opening the door remotely.


Detailed description of desired features.

I would like to have an option to force me to enter a pin-code when I need to open the door Remotely. This is to prevent me, accidentally opening my doors. This Pin code should only be needed when Nuki detects that I am ‘far’ away from my door. The definition of ‘far’ could also be an option the could change. In my case I would like to have this definition set to 10 meters.


Why is this feature needed?
The other day, while I was doing some grocery shopping, I checked my phone to see if the door was locked. I then put my phone in my pocket (without first closing the Nuki App). Fortunately, I then heard a sound which made me have another look at my phone. Apparently, by placing my phone in my pocket, I must have triggered the door open function. The Nuki App told me my door was not only unlocked but also that it was open…
I then had to leave my groceries and rush home. Indeed the door was wide open and anybody could have emptied my house.
I do not want this to happen again!


How would you like to use this feature?
Every time Nuki knows that I am ‘far’ away and I give the ‘open door’ command, it should ask me to confirm my command by applying a pin code.

List all usecases you can think of!
See above.

Sadly I can’t vote for this feature request (it’s stupid to limit the votes so extremely if nearly none of the feature requests get implemented), but I think this one is highly needed! I’m also scared all the time, that I open a door of my workplace from home or somewhere else.

This would be a really good solution. I am also extremely paranoid of this happening, so for example I will not use Nuki complication on apple watch, no widgets on ios and no front door on the favourites screen (I also have an opener).

I think using this together with geo-fencing is really good solution (possibly if its made a an option).

FYI - When clicking on “Open door” from more than 1000meters distance to the Smart Lock there is already a pop-up that asks whether you “really want to open the door”.

Only a message is not enough. A phone can easily unlock when in a pocket. For me, this is a serious security flaw and should be addressed.

Instead of the “do you really want to” popup, there could be a “type ‘yes’ to open the door” textbox. And a toggle in the settings to choose between button and text confirmation

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This is one of the things that I have been disappointed in and have disabled remote access until more security is implemented, for example a pin or fingerprint.
In my opinion it is a very important security flaw, a pop-up is not enough.

I would like to have the pop-up (or slide to unlock) when the unlock of the door is done outside bluetooth range.
Don’t like the idé of pin in app, don’t everyone with security concerns have a pin/fingerprint etc. required for unlocking the phone?

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