Really liked the product but no support for Abloy scandinavian lock profile

I have a scandinavian oval cylinder and i though i got this, i’ll just switch the cylinder out for euro lock cylinder. Without doing proper homework i bought the product and now i have quite a pickle. First, Abloy scandinavian locks are completely different and euro cylinder won’t fit. Lock case is completely different from euro locks so the lock with euro cylinder won’t fit with the door either and there doesn’t seem an easy way to modify the door to fit euro lock. So the door would have to be replaced as well. Replacing both the lock and door is obviously out of the question so i though instead of, in case i can’t come up with a lock that fits with my door, i might try to just customize the bracket somehow to fit the scandinavian oval lock. It will look ugly but nuki device will cover the mess :slight_smile:

Edit: lock i have is Assa Abloy LC200
Edit2: of course now that i actually got the keys to the lock it doesnt work like euro cyclinder with full revolutions so i get why that lock may not be supported.

Got it working though with minor custom adjustments.

Hi Rene,

I am also trying to use Nuki with an Abloy lock and I am haveing difficulties in attaching the Nuki to the door. Would you please describe what modifications you did?
Thank you,

Same here. Im about to purchase the cylinder from Abloy.