Random auto unlock

Today while already being at home for 45 minutes and after having unlocked the door with my key before my door suddenly opened. I’m running release an my smartkick and beta app on my Samsung S21+. This is totally unacceptable. I don’t want my front door to open while I’m in bed or under the shower or whatever.

Hey @Thorsten_G that’s scary!

Are there any apps that are connected to your Nuki app? Did you check the logs to see what event triggered the unlock?

I hope you’ll find an answer in there, if not, that is rather scary indeed, though I’m sure that if that is the case, then the Nuki team will be rather prompt to respond and figure out a solution (that’s the bread and butter of Nuki so I’m rather confident a fix will be found rather fast)!



No, no apps connected.
At 12:12 it was:
Door opened
At 13:04
User X
Auto unlock & Door opened

Most likely your Samsung S21+ told the Nuki App at 13:04 that you are at home now, and the app opened the door. Please contact our support via Support Form - Nuki or contact@nuki.io for more detailed information.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

Same as Auto-Unlock an hour after entering the flat (and other similar issues).
Please add settings similar or with the same result as described in that post.

We won’t go into details here in the forum, but most of the things you suggested are already in place (if the OS of the mobile phone provides the needed informations).

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I had similar experiences with Auto-Unlock since I installed the device a month ago.
I think this is due to the Geo-Fencing recognizing with delay that you entered the fence after you already opened the door with other means.

E.g. if approaching my home by walking the auto-unlock works, when approaching it by car (so way faster) and enter the undergorund garage (where GPS loses connection), the system would not recognize me being within the fence prior to arriving at the door.

Even extending the fence to 500m, which would give sufficient time to recognize the approach didn’t work.

I had the Tedee before, same problems, obviously all still a pretty fragile solution.