Quiet mode for smart-lock

Product name

For the smart-lock


Add a “Quiet-Mode” which twists the smart-lock slower and so makes less noice.


My smart-lock is installed on our apartment door which is near the childrens room.
I don’t use the smart-lock when the kids are sleeping because the smart-lock is rather loud.
Maybe the volume could be reduced by moving the engine slower.

The Quiet-Mode should be schedulable, to automatically activate it at night.


Make the smart-lock useable in families with children.

I would also support this feature. Expose this function via the API as well please.

yes i support your point and quieter engine is required in the future versions

+1 from me (sorry, already reached my limit)
the apartment doors in my building are poorly soundproofed. I’d prefer slower but more quiet opening in a user-defined timeslot (e.g. 10pm until 7am)
I don’t know if it’s doable technically tough, as the key could get stuck more easily if the force is lower. But thats something the nuki guys know better:)