PUT /smartlock


I am implementing an integration using the Web API, and I am at a loss as to what the /smartlock PUT endpoint does. I assume it registers a smart lock to our Nuki Web account (with the app setup previously done). However I cannot understand what the registration parameters mean. Like, what is authId, authSecret? Is smartlockId the NukiID that I find on the back of my smart lock? I would like to know what this endpoint does and how to use it because having an endpoint for registering a smart lock would be extremely useful in my integration. But as I currently stand I can’t even test it because I don’t understand what the required fields mean.

Thank you for your time.

Hi David!

This endpoint is mostly used by the Nuki Apps to add a device to a Nuki Web account (providing all the data).

So for Smart Locks and Openers the process for all users is to set up a device, then add it to Nuki Web via the Nuki App and then you can access it via the Web API (if activated).

The public endpoint is only needed for Nuki Boxes (device for common doors for property owners)


thank you for the explanation, it’s exactly the endpoint I need! Now regarding the information to be used, I can’t figure out what most of it is:

smartlockId (integer, optional): I assume I can define the lock id myself here, instead of being random
authUuid (string, optional):
authId (integer):
authSecret (string): I don’t know what any of these mean, and where to find the respective information

The name and type fields are pretty clear, but I can’t for the life of me understand these last 3 fields, and I can’t find any guide or post clearing up how to use them. I have a Nuki Smart lock and Bridge at my disposal, and I’ve inspected the whole box to find anything related to these fields, and the best i found was a Nuki ID on the lock. I’ve also snooped around the app and I can’t seem to find anything relevant either.

Thank you

My answer should have implied that this is most probably not the endpoint you need. :wink: (as it is reserverd mostly for the Nuki Apps to add a connected Nuki device to a Nuki Web account)

What ecactly do you want to achieve with the call?

Ah… I must have misunderstood then.

The purpose would be to register a lock to the associated Nuki Web Account to enable its Web API features. Basically, I would have a lock setup, and I would like to, via the Web API, add it to the Web API locks.
So instead of using the app to activate it on the Nuki Web page, visiting the Nuki Web dash and registering it “manually” I would want to have it registered on the app, and then, via the Web API endpoints in my integration, register it on Nuki Web.

Currently the steps for you would be:

  1. Setup device with Nuki App
  2. Connect to a Nuki Web Account through the Nuki App
  3. Activate API either through
    a) OAuth2 Flow (Log in with Nuki Web credentials and grant scope to the integrator) OR
    b) Manually activate at https://web.nuki.io/#/pages/web-api and create an API token for the account

Step 2 can not be automated outside the Nuki App with the Web API. If you want to achieve a full white label solution we would have to work together on a custom solution for you.

We already have some best practices and advanced features for e.g. short rental, healthcare and property management workflows. Feel free to DM me if you need more direct help on deciding on the best structure for your integration in to Nuki!

Ah, I see,
I thought for sure that endpoint would do what step 2 does! Well, we’ll find a workaround for it.

Thank you so much for your help!