Push notifications for door left open?

Running an airbnb and a guest left the door open. Well, happens, that’s what the door sensor is for. Good thing I saw it on activity log, but hours later… It’s really useless as nobody monitors this thing. What is the point of a door sensor even?

Also if it was possible to run automations with Nuki Smart Lock and Door Sensor, people could even set a smart doorbell chime or some alarming sound if a door gets left open. Atleast alert or push notification on a phone.

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If you had looking at the settings options of the Door Sensor you would have seen that this is already possible.

Go to “Door Open Warning” and set the desired time for a push notification on your phone.

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Ok, thanks for your reply!

I hope I’m in the wrong with this, but this setting only gives you a warning in the activity log, not an actual notification on the phone.

I have all notifications for Nuki on, setting limited to 10min and I didn’t get a dime. Contacted support to address this issue and they forwarded me here, to address it to the developpers. I couldn’t find where to enable actual notifications specifically for this feature.

Sorry, screenshots in German only:

Settings … Function and Configuration … Nuki Door Sensor:

I always get a push notification on my Android phone when the door stays open for more than 5 minutes.

In order to receive push notifications on your phone you also have to turn on Notifications in the Smart Lock > Features & Configuration > Integrations / Notifications section.