Pull the door latch during Lock 'n' Go

Product name

Smart Lock 2.0


Lock ‘n’ Go should optionally be able to pull/hold the door latch.


You should be able to optionally set an amount of time in which during Lock ‘n’ Go the Smart Lock holds the door latch open. Maybe this can also be combined with the door magnet so that the latch gets hold open until the Smart Lock detects that the door is closed again.


My door latch is very loud when I close the door without the latch being pulled in. This can annoy my neighbours in an apartment building. Therefore when I leave I usually use my key to pull back the door latch in order to close the door silently.

Since a smart lock is about getting rid of the key this seems kinda important. As a workaround I could use the app to open the door and when I left to lock the door. But this seems very cumbersome in comparison to just pressing the button on the Smart Lock.


When I leave my home I want to trigger this behavior by activating Lock ‘n’ Go via the double press on the button of the Smart Lock.