Provide STL files for 3D printing locking knob adapters

Product name

The Nuki website


I bought my lock on Amazon and I didn’t realise I needed an adapter. When it came, I found out and ordered it immediately. It’s been several days but it hasn’t arrived.

Luckily, I own a 3D printer, so I looked around for some 3D models and printed a couple (my exact brand was not listed). The first one didn’t fit, but the second did.


Anyone with a 3D printer, or willing to visit their local library to print, or has a family member or friend with one, would be able to print their own adapter with confidence in it being the correct one. Furthermore, it would save on shipping and admin costs for Nuki. I certainly wouldn’t have ordered one if there were official STL files on the Nuki site.

Obviously, this doesn’t help me now, but it could help future customers!