Problems with SmartLock 3.0 vs. Door Sensor / FOB


I’m new here and hope, someone can help me. Background Information: I live in an apartment building with multiple apartments in one house.

I purchased a NUKI opener to control the main door and it works fine.

Next step was purchasing a SmartLock 3.0 (with door sensor and fob) for the apartment door. I paired the SmartLock 3.0 (as I did with the Opener) with the NUKI Bridge. The Lock itself works fine (opening / locking with iPhone), but:

The door sensor aborts the calibration with an error message. The message only says that calibration is not possible. Despite resetting the sensor several times.

The FOB is supposed to work on BT range. But it does not. It sometimes (!) works when I hold the FOB directly to (=touching) the lock (which is difficult from the outside :wink: ). But it does not work reliably. I can’t pass the FOB on to anyone with the advice “if you’re lucky, you’ll get in”. A distance of a few cm is enough to prevent the FOB from opening the lock at all.

Is this normal or do I have faulty equipment? Can it be the lock? The FOB works wonderfully with the Opener, but not with the SmartLock 3.0. I am about to send back the door sensor and FOB.

Another question: The advertisements say that the SmartLock 3.0 opens automatically when I enter the geofence and then come within BT range of the lock with the Watch. That doesn’t work with an iPhone, right? I necessarily need a Watch for that?

Thanks for helping me


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Hi! Sorry that I just have a question for you, but how you control a opener with a fob!? Thanks!

You have BLE issues with the fob and the door sensor. Looks like an individual problem with your lock. Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

This forum is focused around developer related issues.

FOB Configuration: Assign Opener Permission

Opener Administration: Configure FOB

Very thanks! Will try!

Dear @Ralf_W,

thank you for your helpful contribution!

We have also installed a large project with 38 NUKI SL 3.0 in an assisted living home for elderly people, so that the staff can access all residents with one fob for the employees . We also have a fault with a few doors that they sometimes do not what they should. Once they open, once they don’t :sweat_smile: > in combination with the FOB.

Let’s hope that these are “isolated cases”.

I’m curious to see what the NUKI SUPPORT finds out about this challenge!

Best regards from Linz | Austria
Mario |