Problems With Nuki 3.0


I just upgraded my Nuki 2.0 to a Nuki 3.0 with the Nuki Door Sensor. But I have to big Problems I need some Help with.

  1. I have a doorknob to turn on both sides of my door. I selected it in the app but each time it unlocks the door it also pulls the latch, so that the door swings open.
    On my Nuki 2 I coud disable it, but on my Nuki 3 I can only reduce the time. Is there something I am missing?

  2. Because of the door handle on both sides I have autolock enabled and it works fine with Auto Unlock. But when I unlock the door manually and open it, it shows that the door is open and when i close it, it doesnt lock it again and I Need to lock it bymyself.

If someone coud help me that woud be awesome, because otherwise I am going to send the Nuki 3 back and keep my Nuki 2…

Set the door lock to “Lever” in the settings and not “Knob/Bar”. There has beeen no change in this from SL2 to SL3.

Auto-Lock locks the door if the lock state is “unlocked” and the door has remained “closed” for the configured time period. If it does not work either the lock state was not “unlocked” or the door sensor did not report locked.

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information.

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