Problems with HTTP

I’m using my Smartlock with iobroker.

I would like to trigger an event on the Nuki via an event of a Zwave device. The Z-Wave event triggers correctly and the request to my Smartlock goes out. However, the problem is that it partly does not work.
I have reproduced the problem and found out that I get a HTTP 400 back from time to time. Is this a known problem ?

I use the following for this


Error 400 would hint on an issue with a paramater, but as you wrote it works some times and some times not this is a bit strange.
You are using the plain token as indicated in your example call, correct?
Any other details you can give on possible patterns for when the 400 error occurs (regarding timing, retry etc.)?

Hi there,

I‘m using the Token as a plain token.
I figured the Problem out as i was looking for the Problem of my ioBroker not doing any Action. So i tried the call multiple times, just switched the Parameters regarding to the state of the door.
So if the door was unlocked i locked it…

As i said sometimes it works just fine and the device does its „magic“ but there are also times i try and get the 400, if i try it again after several seconds (approx) 30 - 40 sometimes i get the 400 and sometimes i get a Positive reply…. The Bride has a good WiFi Connection so this shouldn’t be the Problem

Thanks for the reply. 30-40 should be fine and also if you send requests too fast there should be a 503 error. As said you should normally only get error 400 if a parameter/the request is not correctly sent (see also (see also Nuki Developers).
I could not reproduce this for me yet but will try again.