Problems since Nuki Bridge Firmware 1.15.1

System Setup:
1 (newer) Bridge (1) with Firmware 2.5.2 and paired Smartlock (A) 1.9.3
1 (older) Bridge (2) with Firmware 1.15.1 and paired Smartlock (B) 1.9.3
everything is integrated in FHEM
Everything worked fine and I didn’t make any changes in setup for some months.
But since about 4 days, when I send the unlatch-command to the SmartLock (B), the door opens and 1 minute it opens again - sometimes it opens again another time a minute later.
So the door is unexpected open!
Everytime I have this behaviour, I’ll get the error “HTTP 503 Unavailable” when calling

The other Bridge (1) with Smartlock (A) doesn’t have this behaviour.
So I think, this all has to do with the Bridgefirmware 1.15.1.

I need a solution, because I can’t let the system in this dangerous situation - I don’t want an open door!!!

Is there a possibility to rollback to an older firmware?

There is an open ticket 18677 at nuki-support…

greetings from Innsbruck

I managed to fix the problem by myself: I’m not using the FHEM integrated solution anymore, but instead using the original Bridge-API-function with a python-MQTT-script sending MQTT-commands from FHEM.