Problem with smart lock 3.0 + bridge

I’m trying to integrate nuki 3.0 + bridge with Loxone. The earlier Nuki 2.0 works without any problems. However, version 3.0 after entering the command

returns HTTP 404 Not Found

When I send an inquiry:

I receive
{“bridgeType”: 1, “ids”: {“hardwareId”: 821421214, “serverId”: 409625822}, “versions”: {“firmwareVersion”: “2.10.4”, “wifiFirmwareVersion”: “2.3.0”} , “uptime”: 471, “currentTime”: “2022-12-07T12:33:37+00:00”, “wlanConnected”: true, “serverConnected”: true, “scanResults”: [{“deviceType”: 0 , “nukiId”: 810954661, “name”: “Nuki_30562FA5”, “rssi”: -51, “paired”: false}, {“deviceType”: 0, “nukiId”: 689219540, “name”: “Nuki_2914A7D4”, “rssi”: -69, “paired”: false}]}

What ideas?
Nuki software version 3.0 - 3.4.10
Bridge - 2.10.4

Hi Adam,

HTTP 404 Not Found is returned if the given Nuki device is unknown.
(It looks like you forgot to add &devicetype=4 between the nukiID and the action.)

EDIT: Sorry, I have to correct my previous message. According to the /info response your device 30562FA5 (in DEC: 810954661) is not paired with the bridge. That’s why it cannot be found.

You can check out the Bridge HTTP API here.