Problem to use at same time bluetooth and wifi interface of Nuki Smart lock 3.0 PRO

I’m looking to buy NUKI bridge to improve reliability, but I have a question: can you tell me, when I use Nuki bridge, I can also enable the built-in WI-FI of NUKI SMART LOCK 3.0 PRO? Or WI-FI can’t be activated in combination when I’m using NUKI BRIDGE?

I’m testing open source NUKI hub:

technyon/nuki_hub: Use an ESP32 as a Hub between a NUKI Lock and your smarthome.

But it seems to don’t work when NUKI smart lock 3.0 pro is connected to WIFI network…

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No, the Smart Lock turns off WiFi, when it is paired with a bridge.

Hi Jurgen,
you works for NUKI?

this is official answer?

Scroll all the way down :cowboy_hat_face:

After the pairing process, the SL3 Pro should turn its wifi off, correct? Is that done automatically or is there some API calls to use in order to do that?

It seems that for Daniele, after the pairing process, wifi is kept on.

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thanks @alexdelprete its true!

for reliability reasons, I also be interested to use both at same time: bluetooth connection to nuki bridge/hub and built-in WIFI connection

You can’t do that. Jurgen was clear: when paired with the bridge, wifi goes off.


That means Daniele is reactivating it manually after the pairing process. Is it possible or the lock should prevent that from happening?

Yes. It is the normal way of switching between the integrated WiFi and a bridge. You can‘t use both in parallel.

Thank you Juergen.


hi, I’m new to the comiunity, I’m having serious problems with my smart 3.0 pro, continuous Wi-Fi disconnections, and it’s always offline, I signed up for the beta program, to install any firmware, but even those don’t arrive, someone finds the same problems. Greetings

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for more detailed information.

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