Problem opener with bticino 344212

I used the basic configuration with the black and red wires to connect my intercom with the opener.

The configuration works and it detects the ring. But at the steps of “touch the button to open”, it basically doesn’t open the door.
Also the ring-to-open test after it doesn’t work.

Why doesn’t it work although it is supported by nuki?


I’ve got the same problem with my Bticino 344252.
Configuration with initial setup (pressing the button on my device and then pressing the button at the door entry) works, but the seconds attempt fails.

I ended up confirming the seconds attempt with “Year, my door was opened”. After the setup process my opener randomly opens the door for me.

Sometimes the opener recognizes the door signal on the first ring, sometimes I have to ring the bell twice or even more until the opener recognizes the signal. This is very frustrating. I’ve already contacted the nuki support but got no satisfying answer.

RTO doesn’t work - I’ve only wired the red and black cable.

The same for me, BT 344352. Frustrating is that it worked flawlessly some firmware versions ago

Hey! I’m another customer who can’t get the Nuki Opener to work with their BTicino (BT 344212) system.

I have gathered a lot of details about this issue in a blog post and sent it to the Nuki Support:

Let’s hope they can fix it with all these measurements.