Problem after unlocking with key

Hi there,

I bought the Lock 3.0 Pro lately and it’s in use for a few days now. But it don’t work really well for me
When I lock the door with the button like lock n go and then open the door with the key when I’m coming home, the Nuki Lock didn’t recognise that the door is unlocked now. When I push the button now to lock the door, the motor runs in the unlock direction und opens the door, than it says motor is blocking because he can’t turn the key further in the opening direction.
It’s not really smart from my side of view when the Nuki Lock can’t recognize when the door will be unlocked old school with a key.
Even it my wife will be unhappy when I say to her “open the door with the app”.
Any suggestions?

They auto unlock is also not working for me but that’s an other topic.


Is your key turning on both sides, if you open / lock by key?

If not, there is no chance nuki can recognize it. But I’m really sure, that this is described/asked in the FAQ or somewhere else on the website.

Thanks for your reply, long story short, the key on the inside don’t move when I’m unlock from the outside.

Before I wrote the topic, I tried two times if the wheel on the Nuki Lock moves when i turn the key on the outside. So I opened the door, locked her and saw that the wheel on the Nuki Lock is moving. When I unlocked the door I didn’t payed the needed attention because the wheel on the Nuki Lock don’t move when I unlock the door.
So I need an other cylinder when I want to keep the lock.

Thank you for letting me trying it another time. :slight_smile: