Prevent invites to be send when 1 or more devices fail

Product name

Nuki Web


Do not send invites if there is not a full connection to the devices



I often send invites through Nuki Web and through AirBnB connection. My set up consists of two doors. Meaning, you always need to have access to both doors to enter the building.

Even though I have full connection it seems like Nuki fails to generate a code for one of the doors now and then, the reason is that the device is offline. I guess this could be solved by trying to connect to the device for a longer time. Especially when through the AirBnB integration, codes are sent 72 hours before, I would be fine Nuki trying for 24 hours the codes if a device is offline.

However, if the above fails I would prefer no codes to be sent at all. The reason is, often my guests only get 1 code and then I have to manually go back and deactivate the invite and send another one manually. This is the only option and it creates a lot of confuses for the guests receiving multiple emails and simply looks very unprofessional.

I would prefer just to get an email saying that no codes were sent at all with the reason “Because device X was offline no codes for X and Y were sent”

same issue with Smoobu…totally annoying…