Press Opener Button manually, then open/unlock the appartement door

Product name

  • Nuki Smart Lock
  • Nuki Opener


If someone rings the bell and I open the front door manually with the nuki opener, the opener should check if the appartement door is closed. if it is closed, it should open the appartement door too.


there should be an option in the nuki opener settings, where I can choose if the door should also be unlocked, if I press the opener button manually.


Right now I have to press the opener button and if the door is closed, I also have to press the nuki smart lock button.

I have a solution for this problem in IFTTT
The ID is: Lmf57Euk
Title: „ if nuki opener button is pressed, then unlock nuki smart lock“

The Problem is, sometimes it is very slow in IFTTT or it does not work properly.