Powerpack with decreased capacity Nuki 4 Pro

Hi, my Nuki 4 Pro arrived today
The new Powerpack in Nuki 4 only has 2,0Ah compared to the original Powerpack delivered with Nuki Pro 3, witch has 2,5Ah.

The Onlineshops still shows 2,5Ah for the single ordered Powerpack.

Is there a difference between buying a single Powerpack and the integrated Powerpack of Nuki 4.0 or why is there a decreased capacity?

Smart Lock Pro 4th gen has an improved Power Pack with new electronics and different cells. While the cells have a lower nominal energy capacity (2.05 Ah), they deliver more useable energy because of a lower self discharge rate leading to a longer battery life of the Smart Lock.

Wanted to state the same question. Thanks for clarifying - still think I need to return my current Gen-4 Lock - Initially could not install the device (Error 813 BT/WifiI but now taking out the battery and putting it back in led to heat/smoke… coming from the battery pack…

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Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) as this is an individual problem which we can‘t sort out here in the forum.