Powerpack delayed again? No, but Shop slow! :)

As announced for today, the PowerPack can still not be ordered. :frowning:
“Available soon”.

Very sad!

Oh, just in this second it can be selected, but Shop is very slow. Demand seems to be very high.

Rechargeable batteries while waiting? :slight_smile:

Sure, but my Eneloops just last some weeks, so I hopefully will receive my powerpack soon.

I have modelled false batteries using wood, nuts and a cellphone charger.
It is working very well since 1 month ago. For me is not possible think to buy the Powerpack because I live in Peru and in South America Nuki does not have any seller
It is possible to use a powerbank too…It depend on your imagination

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Maybe you can tweak somethings for battery saving and use some high capacity batteries (2500). Anyway giving the current times I cannot compare the battery consumption now from pre-pandemic time…