Possible actions in DEVICE_LOGS webhooks

I’m trying to figure out all possible values for DEVICE_LOGS webhook (for the smart lock 3 if that makes a difference), documentation only seems to have 1-5 Nuki Developers but in practice I’m getting 240 & 241 for opening/closing the door (detected by the door sensor)

  "body": {
    "feature": "DEVICE_LOGS",
    "smartlockLog": {
      "id": "xxxxx",
      "smartlockId": yyyy,
      "deviceType": 4,
      "name": "",
      "action": 241,
      "trigger": 0,
      "state": 0,
      "autoUnlock": false,
      "date": "2023-01-XXTYY:ZZ:12.000Z",
      "source": 0

Is it possible to make sure they are all documented properly?
Alternatively is there a better way to monitor for door being opened/closed?


Have you checked out our Swagger Tool?
I think you are looking for the documentation of the GET /smartlock/{smartlockId}/log.


Yes, it also doesn’t list the possible values for actions.

If you go to Model and expand SmartlockLog you should see it.

Thanks, I missed that option.