"Positionserkennung" - Door opened?

All users entered home today at 1920, one had successfull AU.
Two AU were canceled, one phone didn’t issue AU
At that time the Door Sensor noticed malfunction
At 2025, the Smart Lock issued a “Positionserkennung” / “Position Detection”
The keyturn started and when I checked, the door was opened.
I cannot 100% guarantee that we closed the door completely when coming home at 1920, but the coincidence of Position Detection and Keyturning is very strange.
I suspect that that keyturner opened the door.
I have some questions
Why does the SL make a Position Detection and what is it meant for?
Why does it make a keyturn and may that keyturn open the door?
Did someone experience Position Detection or abnormal door opening?

(I am using latest beta in the Nuki 2.4 and a mix of latest iPhone beta and Android standard releases)
I have send my logs via mail

You will see in the Smart Locks actovity log who did issue a lock command. All commands are recorded there.

Position detection (= move lock to full closed position and back to current one) is done after every reboot to ensure that the internal position algorithm of the Smart Lock still works correct.

In your case it seems the firmware did crash and reboot, which is not good but can happen (it’s a beta). Please send us a screenshot of the activity log together with a description of what happened to contact@nuki.io. Please also mention that you are using the latest beta. Thank you!

This is a serious problem. I had it yesterday at one of my locks. It did the position detection about 10 times. To my luck I was at home at that time and this door is one with a handle.
If that happens at the other door, which is my main door, the door itself opens a bit and would stay open. Imagine this!! This is a real BLOCKER and a security issue, because the smart lock opens without any user intention. I don’t have any beta software running and it is a version 1 lock.

Please prevent the position detection after a reboot. Reuse the values from eeprom/flash. Or delay the position detection until the lock receives a unlock or command.

As mentioned above position detection never opens the door, it only closes it.
Please contact customer support in order for them to have a look at your problem.

@Juergen, are you sure that the Position Detection doesn’t turn the full way from open to close?
Is there a way to crosscheck that, i.e if I take out and put back tha batteries, does that result in a Position Detection?

When starting from unlocked, it locks and unlocks again. As the Smart Lock never remains in position unlatched, a position detection is never started from there.

Yes, after removing and inserting the batteries a position detection run is done.

As this might be a security issue please allow me one further question: What happens if the reset is done when the lock is locked. Does it try to lock and then stop immediately?


It moves to full closed position (which is not the same as locked) and goes back to where it was before. Usually this is about ~60 degrees turn.

I have checked and can confirm what @Juergen says: the position detection doesn’t pull the latch. I have confirmed that by taking out and re-inserting the batteries. So this shouldn’t open the door.

I do not know if my problem is the same as uwew’s.

I set my position radius to 50 meters and medium detection. The door was NOT opened, even when I was standing in front of it. So I opened it with the NUKI fob and closed it again behind me (not locked).

5 minutes !!! Later the door was opened as if by magic.

If I understand this correctly, for Smart Unlock, both the Bluetooth strength and the Geofance range must be right.

I don’t know how you do this, but can it be that if one of the two conditions is not present, e.g. bad internet or Bluetooth “sleeps”, the requirement for Smart Unlock will be maintained until both conditions are met - even if this is only 5 minutes later?

Today (some hours after upgrading to 2.8.15), my V2 open the closed lock for position detection and did not close it again!? That’s a really criticl bug!!
When you will fix that?

Please contact our support via https://nuki.io/en/support-request/ or contact@nuki.io as this is an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.

This has now happened to me on a second lock and my door was left open for 2.5 hours and thankfully a friendly neighbour alerted me and nothing was stolen.

This is a serious security flaw and I cannot believe it has happened in my second lock. How does one stop this happening as this is seriously concerning.