Please remove location/map from Nuki web

I noticed that location of the lock is visible in administration of the lock on
I consider this as an unnecessary security threat. In case someone manages to hack my Nuki web account, an intruder can easily locate my flat and then unlock it. This would give the hacker very easy access to my flat.
Please consider removing the location from the web app (using the apps should be sufficient), protect it by another password or let me allow to remove it using any other means (e.g. deactivate location setting on Nuki web via the App)


I think optional SMS and/or email based 2 factor authentication would be a better solution for this concern, which I still believe to be a totally relevant concern :slight_smile:


I agree, you can protect your account with 2FA but in case of a data breach, locks, their GPS positions and whatnot are available, creating quite the security risk imho

Thanks for suggesting 2FA. I feel much better now!