Please help with my altex mp2

Is there really nobody that can help me connecting my opener to mi door bell?
Only thing i can use till now is the opening function. It works and it‘s ok, but i really need the ring to open.
Please help.
Thank‘s in advance!

Hello! When opening works, you should have done the half way, and the ring functions should also work then! You say opening works, so you know where the wires are for opening and earth, and now you have just to find the call wire, - except the wires for opening and earth, take out one by one of the other wires of the intercom, and try to ring, - it should ring until you disconnected the right wire (every time put the wire back after trying) , and when the ring doesn’t sound up anymore, you have the right one. Do this to find the call wire, and contact me here again. Except you have a external bell, then you have to wire the bell directly to the opener.

Hello Rose Languste
Thank you for your advice. I‘ll try that.
I think it could be a bit difficult, cause everything goes via the speaker.
The ringtone comes in via speaker and it‘s used to talk with it as a microphone and speaker.

Thats normal, and this comes over three wires on analogue systems, one for ring sound (call), one for speech, one for hearing, so you should have no issue to find the right one.

Hello Rose Languste
I tried that, but had no success.
Or i have to say, ring to open worked, but it worked nonstop.
Once connected there was always a ring signal detected (without pressing the door bell) and opener opened the door.
That‘s exactly the problem i had from the beginning.
If you take a look at the shematic diagram of my door-bell-system: i connected the wire, coming in to 7, to the yellow cable of the opener.
The green cable of the opener i‘ve then connected to pin 7 of the door-bell-system.
And then happened the things described above.
It seems like there is always a kind of signal (or current) on this wire.

I also had the same issue, and it was because I connected it to the + line of the bell, as I connected it to - line of the bell, it worked! What is to see on your wiring plan is, that on 7 is a current of 6volts, what explains the non stop ringing, so you have to find the line, what will connected to 7 when someone push the ring button, and on this then the green wire should be.