Please help @ Siedle VIB 150-0

System: Siedle VIB 150-0
Nuki: Lock 3.0, Opener, Bridge, Door sensor
Soft/Firmware versions:

  • Lock 3.6.9
  • Opener 1.10.1
  • App: 2023.7.3 at Pixel 7 Pro

Opener has been installed and wired as instructed by the app - checked several times - see photo

from left to right:
white to ERT (for floor call button outside of the bus)
orange to ETb (for floor call button outside of the bus)

green and orange from Opener to TaM
Abschlusswiderstand / terminating resistor between TaM and TbM
black from Opener and white from Siedle-Bus to TbM
red and yellow from Opener and blue from Siedle-Bus into clamp
the blue Siedle-Bus line was at the top TaM before installing the Opener

The intercom does not have to be activated. The open button works whenever I press it at the intercom.

When configuring thru the app the following happens:

pressing the open door button - check
going down to the front door
ring - check
open the door - check
RTO - nothing

So I confirmed anyway that the door has been opened in the last step (even when it has not) to finish the setup and set the delay to 3sec afterwards (as read several times here at the forum)

I can now open the door via the App, but RTO and Auto Unlock do not work reliable
I do not get any notification/protocol entry when somebody rings since then.

Please help
I’m fine to try beta firmware


Good morning,

thanks that the support team reached out to me on a private message.
Still not found a solution, I noticed a second issue: My video quality of VIB 150-0 gets worse while Nuki Opener is connected to the bus system.
I tried both setups, basic setup and the app guided setup. Issue applies to both.

Any updates? I face the same issue.

I gave up as I noticed another issue: My video quality was very bad while Nuki Opener was connected to the bus.
My solution to achieve the same result:

  • Switched to Nuki Lock Pro to get rid of the

  • Added Ring Intercom for unlocking the door and talk to people at the door

  • Having kind of ring-to-open through an Home Assistant automation which is bringing my smartphone location together with Ring and the Siedle doorbell.

  • Using auto-lock by Nuki only on the floor level

Fur sure, it’s a bit more effort than just connecting the opener. But as the opener was not working properly and the support was slowly, it’s the best solution for my installation.

okay :frowning:

Nevertheless, please let me know if you have found a solution for VIB 150-0 + Nuki Opener.
Do you also have issues with the video quality when Nuki Opener is connected to the Siedle bus?

Hi @Marian , I have no issues with video quality.

Any news? I have the same setup and the same problem