Please consistently provide release notes for all updates

Hello Nuki team,

I know there is a section called Release Notes on the forums but somehow it seems like you do not post every update/release in there.

As this is a technical forum and I expect everyone in here to understand whatever technical term you may pack into your release notes, I would expect every update to show up in that forum category, no matter how small it may be.

The firmware update 2.3.11 for example is missing there and all the app updates are missing, too.
Especially the most recent updates of your apps (Android in particular as it obviously has the biggest problems) would be very interesting for many of us.

Since I joined the beta program about a week ago there were at least 3 updates of the Nuki Android app and the official notes always only showed “Improved Auto-Unlock” although it somehow got worse since I first tested the beta app.
So what I would expect in this developer forum are as detailed release notes as possible to be able to track what was change and what the newly expected behaviour of my Nuki Smart Lock (including its apps, bridge, fob etc.) may be.

This way users that update and test more frequently would also be able to refer to certain updates in their issue or feedback threads.

Kind regards,



Short-term Beta-updates often leave little time and the #announcements:releases category was mainly meant for bigger public realeses.

But: We hear you loud and clear and are trying our best to improve! :slight_smile:

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I understand what you are saying and I am already happy when you post the release notes into the appropriate beta categories, just like yesterday evening :slightly_smiling_face:

I know from my own experience that writing release notes can be time consuming but on the other hand I assume you do it in one way or anyother for internal purposes (like doumentation) anyway and at least I could live with more technical release notes with less prose for beta releases for example :wink:

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Two years later, not much has changed on this subject. Some of the release notes (latest beta versions) are still missing, or they are so generic that they are practically useless.

I always hesitate to install a new beta version on my Nuki devices when the release notes only state “Performance improvements and bug fixes”.
It’s almost impossible to test anything properly and give feedback if we don’t know what has been fixed in the update.

I know that writing/curating useful release notes is a lot of work and that’s why developers (myself included) don’t really enjoy doing it, but it is also an important part of a beta program.

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