Plans to make Nuki lock more silent

I just visited my parents and they have a smart lock that uses deadbolt (instead of EU cylinder), their lock is not even from any famous brand but it is BY FAR more silent than Nuki, I wouldn’t wake anyone up if I unlock it during the night.

So my question is, are there any plans to make Nuki better in this aspect?


We do not comment about planned features or our roadmap here in the forum. Our blog is the best source to follow official announcements: Nuki Blog - Smart Home News, smart access systems and security

Here are some more informations about this topic:

Thanks Bruno

Could you please name the brand of that system?

Given the latest changes, we might evaluate other solutions.


Please clearify that with DMs, otherwise i will have to delete the posting.

Before clarifying anything: could you please explain?
Somehow, it sounds like you would delete a message or opinion that doesn’t fit well in your “personal vision” ?
It might be a misunderstanding of course…

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This is a Nuki forum and we don’t allow discussions about competing products. That’s all.

Thanks Juergen for that „clear“ statement.

Well, after changing the „rule of interaction” with Nuki users (see Airbnb) now we are silenced. It was not a pleasure for many of us to help somehow develop the user interaction and the product. Battery pack finally arrived, even with two usb-c connectors, but badly located in the back so that it’s difficult to plug it in.
Airbnb connection was not allowing to have the code send at x days in advance, but only to a limited range of days. While it would have been easy to set the variable correctly.
And now, when one is asking about the noise, we are threatened to be silenced.
Go ahead. Makes us all want to give good recommendations. Top!