PIN incorrect after battery change


using my SL with the latest beta firmware everything was fine.

but after changing thr batteries I cant access the admin section on the app because the PIN (which was set before the battery change) is incorrect.

I know for a fact that the pin I entered is correct.

Any solution except a factory reset (again)?

Moreover some settings (eg LED brightness) were lost during battery change.


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Does the PIN “0000” work?

If yes, please make a screenshot of the smart locks activity log and send it to

If you’ve not been on the latest 2.4.4 beta please mention hat too.

Thank you

No… neither “0000” nor my PIN does work.

I have no idea how to proceed because I dont want to reset the SL (will loose other users, settings etc)

Which FW version do you have on the lock?

I cant really check because I habe no admin access due to the PIN problem.

But I install the latest beta firmware approx. a week ago.

fw should be 2.3.11…

Not good. You will have to factory reset it.

having the same problem after every battery replacement! I always have to reset the SL completely and start from scratch. that is very annoying especially because the batteries (eneloop white) only lasts 4 weeks…

so why does my SL dont save the PIN after battery replacment? is the problem solves in FW 2.5?


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the problem only occurs if I change the default PIN before the batt. replacement… with the default PIN no Problem at all…

Please contact our customer support to get your smart lock replaced.

I contacted your customer support 3 weeks ago via email but so far NO feedback. your customet Service is SHITTY… I know no other business who is dealing with its customers like this… really disappointed…

how to proceed?

had to change the batteries today and sadl the admin pin does NOT work anymore :frowning:
how is that possible?

how long should aa nimh eneloop (white) last with approx 5 to 8 locks/unlocks per day?

how to proceed with the lock replacement as you suggested? your customer support ignored my Email…

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Please send me your real name or your email address via DM so I can lookup your request together with our support team.


Did you find a way to factory reset the d*m thing? I cant do any without the PIN

Hi, I am having the same problem with the PIN after battery change. This is quite annoying.

Même problème après changement de batterie, C est épouvantable des heures à chercher la solution sur ce code pin demandé pour pouvoir changer ce meme code pin !!! Mais qui a pensé un truc pareil !!! Reprenez Moi cette serrure !!!

J’ai exactement le même problème insoluble

3 years later and this issue has still not been resolved! I have over 20 users and every time I need to charge my device I need to send out new invites, very frustrating and disappointing that Nuki has not addressed this issue in more than 3 years.

This is not a general problem, but must be specific to your setup. Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support).

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

I just has the exact same problem. Batteries run out. After replacement, pin not recognized. What is the solution?