Pin code sync AirBnb

hi, I bought a Nuki smart lock, a keypad and a bridge for the main door of my apartment shared on AirBnb. I automated my main door but inside my apartments I have 2 bedrooms that I’d like to connect too…

So the best experience for my guests may be to use the same code received from AirBnb reservation to open main door and the bedroom they rent too.

How can I design this scenario?

I thought about 1 more keypad inside flat and 2 more smart lock but but they should synchronize codes… or maybe 2 opener attached to electric locks or magnets but also in this case I need a sync…
How can I do? API?

p.s. through API I’m syncing my door intercom 2N to have the same code for my guests from street to room… help me please

If you use the Nuki Airbnb integration and have several doors with Keypads associated to the same flat, this will be done automatically. For each new booking the same code will be generated on all Keypads.