PIN change via App not synchronized with Server

I experienced an issue from which I am not sure if it is a misbehavior:
I changed the PIN of my Opener a while ago. After a while I realized that I do not receive any notifications anymore. Also my IFTT Applets did not receive a trigger. Investigating I asked the support for help. They pointed me to the Web interface and there I realized, that there was an alert that the PIN is wrong.

Looks like the server stores its own PIN and does not sync with the device. Thus, after changing the PIN in the app, i.e. in the device, the server was unable to communicate with the device resulting in the above mentioned behavior.

Is that a misbehavior? Shouldn’t the server sync with the Opener or at least notify the user that the PIN on the server is wrong?

At the moment Nuki Web does not have a user with special rights. i.e. if Nuki Web wants to send commands that require the Admin PIN (which it does for e.g. reading logs and generating notifications) it needs to provide the current Admin PIN as part of that command.

This means that if you change the Admin PIN via the App, you need to tell Nuki Web this new code too. Currently there is no automatism for this in place.