Permanent voltage on ringing signal

So after connection Nuki to my HT401a-01 i noticed that nuki is permanently ringing.
after chencking the voltage (AC) on the ringing signal i noticed that there is a permanent voltage of 3V.
When ringing it goes up to 12V.

is there any way i can make this work ? i dont mind if the original ring doesnt work anymore or if i have to add some resistors or relays.

kind regards,
Christian Hahn

Hi! Do you have a external bell, or comes the ring sound from the intercom itself?

from the intercom itself

Do you have a picture of the wiring of the speaker what makes the sound? Because when it’s a own speaker for ringing, it cannot be on 3volts all the time, so there have to be a brake for it in the circuit, but you would just have to wire the opener on one of the speaker wires (minus pol), for getting this to work correctly! Basically its the same as wire a external bell to the opener, what I have.

whenever i unplug 7 and replug it the its buzzez for a few seconds,
i also noticed when i unplug 7 then floor light button turns of (just the light on the button not the light in the floor)(picture)
also the buzzer is vibrating really soft whenever 7 is plugged in (not noticable but wen removing screws the case vibrates soft) and when ringing the buzzer vibrates strong.

Sorry for the late response! Then we know it, the permanent 3v are the power for the light on the button (floor)! On the buzzer there are two wires, and on the minus should be no power, - please check these two wires on the buzzer, if one have no power at all until ringing!

Try to connect the opener between gn or ge at the very top, I think that one of them should work.

unfortunatly nothing did work :frowning: at gn and ge. the minus pol also has permanent 3v. thats why the buzzer is softly vibrating i think.
do you have any other idea ?

Then you have to place resistors in the line to get the 3v to 0v! Thats easy, but you have to do the maths for taking the right ones, - here is a good tutorial to do so:

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Finally it works ! Thank you so much, had to use 2 x 10k Ohm resistors.
Now everything works and I’m happy.
Thanks again !!

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Oh very cool! I am really happy to read that! Have fun!