Overview/layout of tab 'doorlock codes' in Nuki Android App / Beta

Product name

Nuki Android App with keypad


In ‘User management’ > Tab ‘doorlock codes’ has no further important informations.


  1. Implement in the overview of the tab ‘door lock codes’ next to the name detailed or more informations like
    Begin %date + %time
    End %date + %time
  2. Option to sort by date.


Bad overview of different door lock codes. To get further informations when and which door lock code starts, you have to click on ‘edit’.
As host i have to manually set door lock codes for bookings except airbnb. As i cannot remember every booking, the most helpfull informations are the booking dates and checkin/checkout time.


Needed for easier and faster doorlock administration.
Does hurt my eyes ^^ while scrolling and checking every single doorlock code before i can add/edit/delete
Should be an easy layout implement of informations in the overview.