Outdoor opening with normal key

I would like to know if it is normal that opening from the outside with the physical key, the smartlock then has to be recalibrated? It happened to me with both version 3.0 and 4.0, both in pro version. This is a bit of a mess

I have had this issue with my Nuki 2. But I have learn to accept and maximise the benefit of the smart lock by avoiding using the key. The auto un/lock works well for me so I have ditch the key.

Most likely you have a cylinder without emergency function / interconnection between inner and outer key. The Smart Lock requires this to properly work. https://support.nuki.io/hc/en-us/articles/4425515453585-What-is-the-emergency-function-

I had changed the cylinder, it opens from the outside with the key inserted inside, in fact I had no problems entering with a physical key, I usually enter with the fob remote control, which at that time did not work, to do first and not open through the app, I used the physical key, this caused the need to recalibrate the lock. Since it had happened to me before, I wondered if it was normal.