Option to prevent external devices/api unlock

Product name

Nuki smart lock (any version) + bridge


Add an option to allow external systems (not directly developed by Nuki) only reading and locking, but NOT unlocking.


Add an option into bridge options (or into Nuki Web interface ?) to restrict the open feature to only the Nuki local ecosystem and to the Nuki app. When activated, other (an app in my domotic box, Alexa, http callbacks, …) will only be able to read the smart lock state or to request a lock action.


Unlocking is really the most sensitive feature, and I don’t want external systems that I don’t trust 100% to be able to open my door.
On another side, locking the door when I don’t want should not be a so big issue, so the balance is not the same and I want to still be able to lock through external systems.


When my smart lock is installed on a sensitive door (ie. Entrance door), I want to share lock feature only with 100% trusted apps.
Lock must still be available to be able to use our own logic for closing the door with our own ecosystem (ie. When door sensor detect the door is closed + badge detection tells my system I’m now out of home)