Optimize locking as a single slider? Current screen does not seem to work well with a lock that turns 4 times

I have a smart lock 2.0 on a eurocylinder.

When locking the door with the key it has 4 ‘clunks’ where the three bolts extend further with each clunk. To be fully locked the key needs turned about 4 full rotations.

Normally I would lock the door to the second clunk and I am trying to configure that in the smart lock. This is because all 4 clunks takes a long time, is very noisy, and the smart lock moves about when doing the last clunk (as it is the stiffest I imagine).

If I set it to 360 degrees it does one clunk and if I set it to 720 degrees it does all 4 clunks (so must be more than 720 degrees).

If I make a custom profile I reduce the 1x and 2x locking by 180 degrees it locks the door with three clunks rather than four, but I cannot get it down to two clunks.

It seems that the lock is turning more than 720 degrees on full lock and on the custom setup I am not able to take off more than 360 degrees? Is there any arrangement of settings which would allow me to restrict the rotation further (to an actual 720 degrees?)

Based on this, is it possible to have the custom screen as a single slider. By that I mean a slider with open on the left, full lock on the right, and the ability to move two dots along the slider for 1x lock and 2x lock. I think for some people (with locks that turn 4 times) that would be easier to adjust than the current setup, unless I am missing something in the current setup.

There is a little trick for such things I use often with the nuki lock, - I have two nuki locks on one door, and one of them is on a more filigrane key-lock, and so for the nuki lock pushes really hard against the key lock system when configuring, and running to the full ends until it will force stopped from the key lock system (because it goes not further), what configure the stop positions of the nuki, but I don’t want that this configuration process anytime maybe will brake this key-lock, I do this for avoiding it. For avoiding this when configuring nuki, I start the configuration process in the nuki app, and when the nuki begins to turn, I look at it and just hold it to stop shortly with my hand, where I want it to stop (one time for unlocking and one time for locking), what works really well, you can configure any position you need with this method!

Interesting. Does it still work if the lock reboots or the batteries are changed? I thought I had read on here that the lock tries to turn all the way after a reboot but may be mis remembering.

I dont know about the reboot, because I was thinking when batteries are out and back in again, this is the reboot!? And its strange, the nuki lock keeps the Konfiguration, but still when batteries out/in, it makes a autocalibration, - so yes, after batteries out/in, it will try to full turn!