Opening two doors with one keypad

Hi, I have the following situation and would like to understand if it can be solved with Nuki.

I have a house with two appartments; the one that my family and I use (let’s call it PA = private appartment), and another one that is rented as a short rental via AirBnB and the likes (let’s call it RA = rental appartement).

There is a common main door, which leads into a small hall, and from there two doors lead to each appartment.

What I want to happen is first that rental guest access is controlled via the Nuki Smart Hosting feature, so that guests can open the main door via their personal temporary keypad code or the Nuki app. I understand that is a standard feature, so should be the easy part.

However, what also should happen ist that when they open the main door, also the RA door should open up, without requiring a second keypad/code, and without a second Smart Hosting contract.

Of course the RA door should not open when a family member opens the main door (at least not via Auto Unlock).

Can this be achieved? Maybe by using the Nuki opener on the RA door?