Opening smartlock with a direct url from a webbrowser

Is it possible to open a smartlock with just a direct url from a webbrowser ?
I looked at Nuki Developers but I am not sure…

thanks a lot

Yes and no.

Section 4.1 has the example that details what needs to be called: Nuki Developers

But you can’t do this in a GET request (= a simple URL call from a browser) and you won’t do it, because it is normally called server side in a php script or similar.

If you want something simple without any technical skills have a look at what you can do with IFTTT: & e.g.

Thanks you for your prompt response.
Even with IFTTT, it will not be a simple url, but a button on the smartphone homepage to be installed. Am I correct ?

So the solution would be to install the POST request on a web server PHP page, to be executed on the page loading. Right ?

Thanks alot

Yes & Yes

Hi Luc,
by any chance were you able to create a script? I am very interested in this feature. Thank you

No, sorry. I was just checking the faisibility.
You need a webserver to run the script.

ok thanks, i will try on my webserver