Opening / locking door via app

Product name

Nuki App


not all people are nerds. Some are legastenic and mix up swipe right and left. There for why not adding a smal “lock <= => open” on the app screen?


make life easier.


simple, effective. Especially for legastenic or people not using the app very often.


too simple and easy to implement.

I never swipe. I single click on a lock to get exactly the options you want :wink:

You don’t need this, because similar functionality is already there. When you click one time one the lock, you get a button for exactly that.

@benzman81 Interesting. So why did the developper implement the swipe?
@Rose_Languste : yes, you need first to click. Then: why not just having buttons instead of swiping?

the auto-unlock functionality doesnt work always (at least here). So for when the auto-function doesnt work, it would make it simpler. One of the reason for some people to have nuki is to have an easy access, aka less moves.

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@Brigitte Maybe so you dont accendently click it :man_shrugging:t3:


Maybe because when you have static buttons, there are plenty situations where you would accidentally push these buttons, what can end in an unlocked lock without your knowing!? Its for security!?

security? I have actually more swipe accidentally to the wrong side then I would have pressed the wrong button: The button says what’s the action, while swiping is as you have once defined it. Since the auto-open doenst work 100% of the time, you might forget which one is unlash/open and which one is close.
I will agree: I am getting old… like I assume all of us :wink:

I don’t know for IOS but on Android we have the widget.
Does not it make what you need? Buttons are directly on the home screen.
We have lock.

You are right! I was thinking a bit about it, and accidentally swiping can happens exactly same as pushing a button, and in the end we use the locks and should can use them how we want it to! But a user has written already and I have completely forgotten about it, but you can add widgets for this on your homescreen, where you have than exactly these buttons you want!

Thanks Patrick!
Effectively, it could be a work around until the app homescreen is fixed. But I think it’s something that need to be corrected.

by the way: could it possible that the shortcuts in the app are switching sometimes around? I have the feeling that the door shortcuts arent always on the same place. Not sure, hence asking.

While the favourite display will be updated, I would suggest as well:

  1. add the battery% directly on the favourite display
  2. add icons witht the short cut (for us even better than swiping)
  3. have the possibility to lock the screen from unwanted moving around.