OpenerSiedle ZGO 611-0 and HT 611-01

Hi there,

I tried to install the opener with the instructions for the Siedle HT 611-01 but it doesn‘t work. How do I connect the opener with the ZGO 611-0? Any advice on how to connect them?


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I have the same Siedle but also no doors open by Nuki.

Did you receive a solution from Nuki or others?



I have the same setting, but ring to open doesn’t work :frowning:
There were no cable in 7 and I don’t know how to wire the Nuki yello cable.

Any advice?

I figured out how it works!

“A” and “G” are to different bells (in my case A is the bell in front of my apartement door and G is the bell of the front door).
If you figured out which one is the right one, just follow the Nuki instructions but use A ore G instead of 7.

So in the end, one of the wires are connected with the yello NUKI cable and the green NUKI cable is connected to “empty” A ore G.

Hope my findings also helps others :wink:

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Hi Lino, thank you.

I have a HT611-01 with a ZER611-01 modul.

The Zer611 only have A, c and D.

A is connected to 2 wires and c also (one goes from c to 6.1 from the HT.

But in the Opener Instructions theres no meaning for the yellow wire, just blue, violet, orange, black, red and green.

I will try it, and post my result here.