Opener with STR HT40

I try to connect the Opener with the STR HT 40. Unfortunately, in my Android App the STR HT40 is not listed.
However, my neighbor in the same house, his STR HT40 with identical opener with same firmware 1.6.4 successful connected. In his Android App it is shown that his opener is connected with an STR HT 40.
No idea how it can be chosen.
Perhaps older firmware includes the STR HT40?

Is there any another brand and type compatible to the STR HT 40 can be chosen during installation?

Any ideas or help?

Thanks a lot

I Couln’t select the STR HT40 either. But I was successful with selecting the Generic Type and the Qwickset Bus Type. You might have to try different bus polarities. But apart from that everything works flawless. I don’t know why its not selectable as standalone.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Vince,
Thank you very much for your advice. After a whileand endless frustrating unsuccessful trials I followed your instruction 2 days before - with success now. The opener works perfect by using the Generic Type and the Qwickset Bus Typ.

Thanks again

I am trying to connect my Nuki Opener to my STR HT40 too.
The installation-guide says, I have to connect the cables to the sockets “B+” and “B-”. Can you help me, which sockets are the sockets “B+” and “B-”? Sadly the colors of the wires don’t match with the colors in the installation-guide.
There are two sockets called “BUS” and two sockets “FT”.
Thanks in advance.