Opener with Gira AP System 55

Hi at all!
Will there be a chance that the “Gira 125027 AP System 55” will be compatible withe the Opener in the future?

If not, can I know the reason for this?

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Unlikely, at least not in the short term. The reason is that Gira uses an encryption on their bus. The protocol used is not public source. And even if it would be, you would only be able to pair a new device to the bus if you have access to the central controlling unit. In multiparty buildings this requires contact with and approval from the property management and eventually a (paid) service person for the intercom.

Oh that sounds terrible. :frowning:
The approval from management where no problem because the building is mine. :wink:

I regret having taken the AP55 system now…

Well, if the building is yours, you can mount the Opener next to the entrance directly onto the electric strike. You won’t have all features because there is no ring detection, but you can open through the App and if it is in BLE reach of people standing in front of the door also use Auto-Unlock, Keypad, Fob … It’s basically like mounting a Smart Lock to this door.

See the last paragraph in this PDF for more details:

… or mount a Nuki Box, which allows to easier share access with other parties living in the building (A box generates “virtual Smart Locks” for each party living in the building, which they can manage separately).

No Sorry for this misunderstanding.

The building is mine, but there are several tenants in it (three floors)

In my floor I have already installed the Smart Lock 2.0 with bridge but I wanted to “perfect” it with the opener only for the main entrance.
Will the other intercoms still work for the other two?

PS: I need the “Intercom Bus” description, have I correct understand it?
Without the ring detection is not very good for me, but when the BLE detection works like Auto-Unlock is it good)

You need to follow the “Other door” instructions.

If you have several tenants and you’re the owner of the building you can still mount it, but have to hide it somewhere (e.g. a surface mount box) or disable the button & bluetooth pairing and live with the fact that everybody with physical access could reset it to factory defaults.

Sorry again.
Here is my explanation for my house.
We have a main entrance
And each of the 3 tenants has its own apartment door, each with its own Gira AP55 intercom. (for the main entrance)

So I want to install the opener only on “my” Gira AP55 intercom.
Is this possible?
Or must I install this directly on the electric strike???

You can only install it directly at the electric strike as “other door”.

Dear Jürgen
Time has passed again since October.
Are there any news here?
Will Nuki make a development here?
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Any news regarding Gira 55?


I would be interested in this as well!

This might be a silly approach, but the Gira AP System 55 unit has a light that lights up/blinks when the door bell is rung, and it has a button that I can press to open the door. It sounds like I should be able to tap into these connections to relay the info and control the a Nuki opener. Has anyone attempted this?

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Hi Teal,

that was exactly my idea. I could make the button press (door opening) working. I soldered the blue wire to the switch pin, which is connected to the microcontroller and the purple + black wire to GND.

I had no success with the ring detection, but I assume my unit is not 100% functional. Still trying to figures this out with Nuki support.


Did you manage to get it to work?
I have the gira video so 7 in my apartment. And would like to connect it to miki opener.
Many thanks in advance.


Door opening works, but I lost my mojo to finish the door ringing part.