Opener with Ensign 3407

Am I able to connect the Opener to this Ensign 3407 intercom? I have looked at the Nuki Opener unknown intercom guide and assume that I have an analogue intercom. I have attached photos and the intercom schema/system-wiring.

Handset Connection Diagram:


Update: Managed to successfully install the Opener with the Ensign 3407. Used the unknown intercoms guide. The intercom is Analogue and the basic setup without doorbell suppression was used. I assume the setup with doorbell suppression will work as well.

Ensign 3407 Connections:

C: (Call) Yellow Cable
L: (Lock) Blue Cable
-: (Negative) Purple Cable (Ground)

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Hi James, thanks for your instructions which I found helpful. Have you by any chance, managed to get the audio working?

Thanks in advance.

Hi all, I seemed to have found my solution, although it didn’t seem to work before. One thing of note, even though my buzzer wasn’t activated, I was still able to speak to whoever was at the intercom.

1: Red cable - Loudspeaker
2: Orange cable - Microphone
-: Black cable - GND (Ground)

Hi @sureshot,

With the Loudspeaker & Microphone cables connected are you able to speak & listen through the Nuki Opener App?