Opener with Elvox 940a

Good evening everyone.
Is there the possibility of connecting Opener to an Elvox 940a, 4-wire Digibus intercom ??
This is the photo of the intercom (ignore the 3 wires of the Opener, it was a failed attempt!)

This is the scheme of the system instead:

Thanks for the help.

Hello, I have the same Issue. thanks for help

Another damn Elvox 940A here.
Just bought the Opener thinking it would have been same as 902 but it’s definitively not :frowning:

No possibility and no support from Nuki (apart from generic indications!).
Even other brands have not given me certainties! All “it is likely”.

Just carried out some measurements and I have some findings.
The intercom board is OFF until a guest call is initiated.
The call activates the board (upper left red led turns ON)
If the handset switch is released → no ring
If the handset switch is pressed → ring triggered
The downstairs door can be opened (lower button) only if board is ON
I measured:
1 = 11.89V all time, but some oscillation occurs while opening door → must be related to opening
3 = 11.63V when board OFF / 5.7V when board ON
4 = GND
5 = 13.5V all time

A possible trivial solution might be the following:
Use Opener as relay to just close the opening button (using purple and blue wires from Opener, see here)
Use Opener as ring muting by connecting the bell itself to green and yellow from Opener.

In such case, I’ll have to call my intercom number from downstairs, Nuki should respond with opening the door. Better than nothing

What do you think?

Here is my current setup:

  1. Setup the app with Elvox 8870, Ring suppression ON
  2. Configure Opener answering yes to both opening and call to open, even if they both don’t work → I anyway get all functions in the app
  3. I push on “call to open” just to mute the buzzer when I want to enter and family is at home (option in app correctly selected)
  4. I call my intercom from downstairs, the intercom goes to wakeup mode, no opening
  5. I push on “open” in app → the switch gets closed with blue wire → I can successfully get the door opened

The problem is that the buzzer is NOT muted, no matter what mute option I select, now asking official support from Nuki

Thanks. I am still following the thread to mute the buzzer or better activate the board without having to ring from the outside

Does Anybody get some news or update about this issue?